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December 25/2015


Maulid/Free Zakzaky Procession in Bauchi- Protest taken to Emir's Palace/pics

Op to liberate Mosul to follows Ramadi liberation: Iraq PM

Islamic Movement of Nigeria releases official statement on Zaria massacre

December 21/2015


Nigerian Shia leader Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky will face prosecution.

Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria Completely Demolished by Army

IHRC fears worst for Nigerian Shia leader Zakzaky; no evidence that the Sheikh is still alive



May 30/2015


Iraqi Forces Reaches 5K Area From Ramadi

Yemeni Forces Kill Several Saudi Commanders While Bombing Continues

ISIS in Saudi Calls for Killing Shiites Saudis hold funeral for victim of Eastern Province bomb attack

Iraqi Army Kills 60 ISIS Terrorists in Samarra + Pics

Saudi Arabia allowing attacks on Shias Saudi monarchy extremely nervous


May 22/2015


30 Martyrs 100 wounded in terrorist attack in Shiite mosque in Qatif


May 16/2015


US-Zionist plot behind creation of Takfiris Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah

US is the main sponsor and engineer of terrorism in the world

Saudi protesters hold rally to support senior Shia cleric

May 06/2015


Saudi war on Yemen a failure

Saudi Arabia Used U.S. Supplied Cluster Bombs in Yemen Human Rights Watch

Saudi Army Fired 100 Rockets After Aerial Bombing Sa'ada and Hajjah

May 02/2015


Yemeni People in Sanaa Take to Street Against Al-Saud

Karbala's Friday Prayers Leader Rejects US Congress Disintegration Plot